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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Corset

Got my first real (read: not plastic boned) corset off ebay for about $35, not including shipping. I've decided to try waist training, so I'm going to start wearing my corset when I'm hanging out at home, and then maybe I can progress to wearing it at work under my clothes. I've lost about three inches off my waist and hips over the past couple of months, and I think this will be a big help in continuing my efforts.

Corsets and high heels are a funny thing. I feel a bit odd saying such things as a feminist, but both impose such restrictions on movement, and yet wearing them is oddly empowering. Heels increase the stature, and one can walk in a confident manner that I am not convinced can be replicated in flats. Corsets render you completely unable to bend at the waist, but they give you a straight back, a thrust-out chest (ahem) and they make a figure look great, which can do wonders for self-confidence.


  1. You will get used to it soon, one great thing to make you corset fit you better, it's a dance out night, it may hurt a bit, but u probably forget about it until you take it off(then it hurts) but after that the corset will fit you body shape a lot better

  2. have fun with your new treasure!!

  3. You got nominated for a blog award!

  4. hahah, have fun with that! ive always wanted one.. let me know if its worth the money!
    love your blog, definately following!
    check out mine, follow back if you like it?