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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creepy Guys

Last weekend I had a very disturbing experiance. Over the past few years I've been hit on by a few creepy guys, both IRL and online, but this experiance was the creepiest encounter ever. I was driving (DRIVING not walking down the street, so there goes the excuse of being provoked by what I was wearing) down College Ave and there was this guy in front of me going increadibly slow, so I passed him and went in front of him. Then he starts driving really close to the back of my car and begins a pattern of alternately driving alongside me and driving behind me. I figured out that he was following me when he repeatedly made attempts to catch my eye and waved at me. I needed to get some groceries at Woodman's, and I wasn't sure if this was someone I knew or not, so I tried to lose him by making a sudden turn into the right lane. I got to Woodman's and I was just about to begin shopping when the same guy comes up to me and asks me for my number! I was able to escape the situation by sneaking through the store and leaving through the exit opposite the one that I used to enter the building.

I am increadibly angry about this. It's one thing for a guy to walk up to a girl and try to talk to her or get her attention, but to FOLLOW a girl in her car? It's fucking creepy. What would make a man think that he has the fucking RIGHT to do something like that? That because I'm a woman and I'm out by myself, I will welcome the attention of some random stalker? What makes some men think that they can play these fucking power games?